Curtis Verdun

Aug 232010

Significance-Abstract Art from the Ethereal seriesIf you’ve read my blog at all, you know I have strong feelings and offer plenty of argument for abstract art and plenty to say against any idea of its illegitimacy.

Recently, I realized that most of my readers (or even collectors or writers who advocate abstract art), actually fail to understand the full implication of what I’m saying about abstract art.

In reality, what I say in most of my blog posts, defending and “pushing” abstract art; those things are not only for the benefit of abstract art or to promote it. The impetus behind abstract art, encompasses all that we are and all that we have accomplished or will accomplish as human beings. Continue reading »

Aug 162010
Trepidation - Abstract Art, Oil Painting by Curtis Verdun

Trepidation - Abstract Art, Oil Painting by Curtis Verdun

Why does abstract art even exist? Who started it? Does it serve a purpose?

I see abstract art as having greater freedom and more passion. Today, the term “abstract art” is used quite differently than it was originally. Quite literally, abstract art refers to “abstraction” from reality, or “to carefully depict a certain aspect of the subject not readily apparent otherwise.” Today we refer to any non-figurative or non-representational art as being abstract and some fail to realize that even Impressionism is really abstract by the purest definition. Continue reading »

Aug 092010
Abstract Art - The Dance of Good and Evil

Abstract Art-The Dance of Good and Evil

There was significant turbulence during the emergence of Modernism in the 1890s and especially Abstract Expressionism in the 1940s, similar to the trouble Impressionism faced and most other major revolutionary art movements.

And then the dust settled, followed by a better understanding or at least a certain degree of acceptance of the new ideas.

But, today, after several decades, there are still some that insist that art equates to skill and that modern abstract art is a disgraceful mockery of all that is right and good in the art realm.

These ideas are utterly ridiculous! Have we forgotten what art is? Continue reading »

Aug 082010
Abstract Art Oil Painting by Curtis Verdun

The Encounter - Curtis Verdun

I would like to dispel the somewhat common belief that abstract painters are sloppy, messy, reckless renegades with no regard for rules and formalities. I realize that not everyone shares that sentiment and if you’re not one of them, please excuse the following rant.

The perception described above reminds me of the use of the word “anarchy”. The definition of anarchy isn’t simply the “absence of government”. There is a portion of the definition that reads “…advocating a society based on voluntary cooperation…” or self-rule.

It does not mean “no rule” or “without law”. It simply expects each person to be self-ruled so there isn’t a need for laws. Of course, I’m not advocating anarchism in our society, because since we are human, with all of our moral and social imperfections, any implementation of anarchy would be disastrous. But that’s another subject entirely. Continue reading »

Aug 032010
Playtime - Original Abstract Painting by Curtis Verdun

Playtime – Abstract Painting by Curtis Verdun

Today, far too many are still suspicious about the motives of abstract artists and question the validity of their work. Many will want to dismiss Abstract Art as some lesser art form, as though it is secondary to Realism. Sadly, I feel they miss the point entirely.

As humans, we constantly feel the urge to express ourselves, and simple words are never enough. We search out other more effective means of expression. We employ the use of sound, movement and images. So, for visual expression, does photography or Photo-Realism suffice? No, our intensely deep and emotional spiritual selves can’t survive with simple words, sound or images.

We need something more! Continue reading »

Aug 022010

Created in His Image

You might pride yourself on being a rather creative abstract artist and you wanted to produce an exceptionally original and creative work, maybe some installation abstract art. So you took your dog and painted his snout red and blue and said, “Look at my new abstract installation art! I’m so original.”

You may be disappointed to discover that that clever work had already been done. The original Artist did this using the baboon. (He also has a sense of humor.)

What? You thought that was an accident? Evolution? A random anomaly? Of course not. It was done on purpose! He’s an Artist! An Abstract Artist at that. Continue reading »